The TCM Ministry Pillar was established more than a decade ago.  The motivation was and still is to become the manifestation of Christ’s love to others.  This is harder than what it sounds, it has nothing to do with what we feel but everything to do with choice and sacrifice. As we are guided by the greatest commandment (Matt 22/Corinthians 13) and the great commission (Matt 28) we know that the Holy Spirit will lead us to transform lives through his power and our willingness.

Serve with the heart of a King, rule with the heart of a Servant

The early morning brings to Tshega vibrant voices – dust dances around the peoples feet, disembarking from their taxis. As the painted sky allows the sun’s rays to tickle my shoulders – I REJOICE! This is the day that the Lord has made!

Today the TCM family, consisting out of staff, volunteers, missionaries, children, parents and villagers, have an opportunity to love, the greatest command!

We believe in loving God and loving people.  We believe that excellence is the responsibility of each Christian.  We believe that YOU can change someone’s legacy through Christ – if you choose to.

Here are a few areas you can get involved in.