what does it look like to volunteer with us? 

Our volunteers are essential to the organisation. We value and appreciate every volunteer who have come to be a part of our family.


There is no end to the gaps you can come and fill when you are here. You can assist in the classrooms where the students who are struggling can be tutored one on one. There are also trips into the village where the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children are fed and played with.


There are always some or other hands on project to be finished. And the children and staff alike, love to learn about the different parts of the world you are able to share with them first hand.


Your skills and talents will always be needed and so whatever you feel you can bring we will be grateful for. 


You won’t walk away from here the same. Almost 100% of volunteers who have been here have admitted to being surprised at how much they have been impacted by the love and affection from everyone here, especially all the children.


We really do belong to a big family and cannot wait to have you be a part of it too.

Example of a possible time table while you volunteer with us.